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7 Day Tour of the Ancient East

Duration : 7 Days

Take a 7 Day through the Ancient Past of Ireland seeing some of most historical and mystical sites of Ireland’s past.


Tour Description

Day 1: Dublin Highlights

Welcome to Dublin, a city pulsating with history and life. Your first day in the Irish capital is a blank canvas, ready to be painted with your preferences. Begin with a visit to Trinity College and Library, where you can immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the Book of Kells and explore the hallowed halls of this 16th-century institution. Step into the spiritual embrace of St. Patrick's Cathedral, a masterful example of Gothic architecture dating back to 1191. Continue your journey with a pilgrimage to the historic Christchurch Cathedral, a place where centuries of stories echo in the stone walls. Sip the essence of Ireland at the Guinness Storehouse, a temple of brewing, and raise a pint to a city where past and present harmonize. Take a poignant trip into history at Kilmainham Gaol and delve into Ireland's fight for independence. Then, venture to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery, where the secrets of crafting Ireland's beloved whiskey await. Discover the charming gems in the city at the Little Museum of Dublin and the immersive Epic Museum. As the day winds down, we'll recommend a cozy local eatery, perhaps an Irish pub with traditional fare. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in the heart of Dublin.

Day 2: Boyne Valley & Sheep Farm Adventure

As the sun rises over Dublin, it's time to explore the enchanting Boyne Valley, a region that whispers secrets from the distant past. Newgrange and Knowth beckon you to unlock the mysteries of their neolithic wonders, built over 5,000 years ago. Feel the warm embrace of Irish tradition as you visit a 300-year-old sheep farm, where Alison and Pat share the stories of their Jacob sheep and local crafts. Walk in the footsteps of Irish royalty at the Hill of Tara, a legendary site where high kings once ruled, offering vistas that touch the heavens. Noon finds you at a local restaurant, savoring the flavors of Irish cuisine. Your day concludes at Trim Castle, a colossal Anglo-Norman fortress dating back to 1176, known to the world as the set of "Braveheart." As the evening approaches, we'll guide you to a delightful, family-owned restaurant for a taste of hearty Irish stews. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in Trim.

Day 3: Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough

Today, as you leave Trim behind, you'll be drawn towards the majestic Wicklow Mountains. Begin your day at Powerscourt House and Gardens, a sanctuary of natural and architectural beauty, once ranked as the third most beautiful garden globally by National Geographic. As you ascend into the mountains, the vista of the Guinness Lake unfolds before you, a tranquil mirror of the heavens. In the afternoon, discover the spiritual and historical treasures of the Glendalough National Park and its ancient monastic site. Allow these rugged landscapes to weave their magic before we move towards County Wexford, a coastal wonderland, for the night. We'll suggest a delightful seafood restaurant for your evening meal. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in County Wexford.

Day 4: Hook Peninsula and Waterford

Today, we set our compass towards the captivating Hook Peninsula and the historic city of Waterford. The day begins with a visit to the Hook Peninsula, home to the world's oldest working lighthouse, perched by the ever-changing sea. The story of craftsmanship comes alive at the Waterford Crystal factory, where you'll observe the magic of creating world-renowned crystal, and you can even pick up a souvenir to cherish. The day is far from over, as Waterford's museum quarter invites you to uncover more historical gems. The evening light guides us to the warm embrace of County Cork, where the next two nights promise tales of charm and modernity. Tonight, we recommend an intimate Irish bistro for a delectable dinner. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in County Cork.

Day 5: Cobh, Titanic, and Cork

Your fifth day unfolds in a captivating blend of history and maritime allure. The town of Cobh, a harbor town of immense historical significance, welcomes you with the splendor of St. Colman's Cathedral, a stunning testament to neo-Gothic architecture. The Titanic Experience in Cobh, a poignant journey into history, takes you back to the time when Cobh was the last port of call for the Titanic. Optionally, set sail to Spike Island, often dubbed Ireland's Alcatraz, an intriguing isle teeming with history. The delights of Cork await, and a tour of the Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Midleton is a unique experience where the secrets of crafting the world-renowned spirit are unveiled. As night falls, you'll find yourself in Cork, a city where the timeless charm of Ireland meets a contemporary cultural scene. For a taste of the local culinary scene, we'll recommend a cozy, family-run restaurant. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in Cork.

Day 6: Blarney Castle, Cashel, and Kilkenny

On your sixth day, we embark on a journey through legends and historical treasures. The journey begins at Blarney Castle and Gardens, a realm where the promise of eloquence beckons with a kiss of the Blarney Stone. Our next destination is the magnificent Rock of Cashel, an architectural marvel perched above the scenic Heritage Town of Cashel, where history whispers through every stone. The day concludes with an overnight stay in the vibrant and historic city of Kilkenny, where medieval beauty and modern vivacity coexist in perfect harmony. As the evening arrives, we suggest a quaint, family-owned restaurant serving Irish comfort food. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in Kilkenny.

Day 7: Kilkenny's Finale and Hurling Experience

Your final day in Ireland's East is a journey into the heart of Kilkenny. Kilkenny Castle, a vision of majesty, invites you to explore its regal halls and storied past. Black Abbey, a testament to medieval craftsmanship, offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the era. The day takes a thrilling turn as you immerse yourself in the world of Hurling, the world's fastest field ball sport, in the very place where it was born, Kilkenny. Learn the skills, the culture, and the passion behind this Irish tradition. As the sun sets on Kilkenny, we return you to your accommodation in Dublin, where your heart brims with memories of Ireland's Ancient East. To cap off your journey, we recommend a charming local restaurant for your final Irish feast. Your night's stay will be in welcoming accommodation in Dublin.

This 7-day tour offers an immersive blend of history, mythology, and pure joy for every traveler, all within your budget. Remember, at Custom Irish Tours, we are artisans of experiences, ready to craft your journey according to your unique interests and desires.