Three of the Best Ways to Explore the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ireland. 

The Cliffs sit on Europe’s most westerly tip and offer stunning views of the Atlantic coastline. Walk along and explore the breathtaking views and you will hear many birds nesting below the cliffs including Puffins, Razorbills and herring gulls.

I have visited the Cliffs on many occasions over almost twenty years as a tour guide, with people from all over the globe and I would like to share some of my tips to help you enjoy the area more. 

Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience

Parking is across the road from the Visitor Centre and take note that during peak season, the queue for parking can be long. 

The eco-friendly Visitor Centre is nestled into the hillside and offers a very enjoyable exhibition and a 3D audio visual on the Cliffs. It has good facilities with unisex bathrooms. There is also a gift shop and a cafe downstairs which is handy for grabbing a quick coffee or light lunch. Upstairs is the restaurant run by Brambles which offers a hearty menu. 


Access to the cliffs from the Visitor Centre:  It is a short walk for your first view of the cliffs and from there you can decide to turn right towards O’Brien’s Tower (which offers stunning views of the Cliffs). One negative is the amount of steps involved up to the tower. Please bear this in mind, especially if you struggle with mobility. 


Turning left offers you many more spectacular views, but please be aware that the pathways get extremely narrow and remember do not get too close to the edge of the cliffs as there is always a danger of subsidence, or obviously perhaps getting dizzy and falling.


Guerin’s Path – Cliffs of Moher

This allows easy access to the Cliffs of Moher. Personally I prefer this option, especially when I have tourists with me who struggle to walk long distances. This allows them easy access to the spectacular views. 

Guerin’s Path is run by a local farmer who is very friendly.  He also keeps some animals for the little ones (and indeed the adults) to get close to and maybe even pet a lamb. I brought some lovely people from Texas to the Cliffs of Moher a couple of years ago. One of the ladies suffers from COPD and could not walk a long distance. It was a great joy to be able to see the lady take in the stunning views with only having to walk 6 steps. 


Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities at Guerin’s path but I know the farmer has been looking for permission.


Kilconnel Car park.

This is a small car park run by farmers Mary and Pat.  I really enjoy parking at Kilconnel car park and walking up the beautiful country road to Moher Tour and taking in even more stunning views that cannot be seen from any other part of the Cliffs. 


The walk takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes but is well worth it. Mary and Pat are also very helpful, so if you struggle with walking long distances, they have also options for you. 


They have also recently created a building for holding wedding ceremonies at the Cliffs of Moher.


Places to eat while visiting the Cliffs of Moher



  1. McGanns Pub is not only a traditional pub that serves locally produced food, some of the best fish and chips in Ireland and of course, original Irish Stew, it is also a B & B. You will always hear the strains of excellent traditional Irish music in the evenings.
  2. Gus O’Connors Pub is also excellent, again with traditional food and as it’s Doolin, music coming from every window and door in the town.  

**Visitors are always encouraged to join in music sessions in all the pubs.  You will be made to feel so very welcome. 



Vaughan’s Anchor Inn is located in a local fishing village, boasts an award-winning restaurant and bar and guest accommodation 




  1. The Rock Shop for a coffee and bite to eat also has a quirky but fun gift shop. 


  1. Moher Cottage is also a great little coffee shop.